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We test VPN speeds through two different methods. This page covers our automated speed test, which is what the tool above uses.. Automated VPN Speed Tests. We have servers set up in 11 cities around the world, with 18 of the most popular VPNs installed on them.

Some internet service providers have the rule that they have to limit the use of virtual private network connections. When they detect that your connection is using a private connection, the ISP will automatically activate the throttling process, resulting in a slow VPN performance for you. When the VPN is off, your speed is going back to normal. Another Free VPN Is Here: Speedtest VPN By Ookla Dec 26, 2019 Norton Secure VPN vs. NordVPN: Speed, security and price In my speed tests, NordVPN performed admirably, cutting our internet speed by about 32% on average (compared to about 57% speed loss with Norton Secure VPN), where most VPNs can reduce speeds by Does a VPN Slow Down Internet Speed? | SmartyDNS Mar 26, 2019