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Here, we are installing that via APK file, which is the installation file for android which is same like the exe file in the Windows Computer. Following are the steps done to enable the Installation of APK file on your mobile, by default the APK installation is blocked in the Mobile. How To Run Android APK Files in Windows 10 May 20, 2020 How To Install APK Files From PC to Android Devices Android devices use the APK file format for installing games and other applications (apps) on the Android operating system. Follow these steps to Install APK Files from PC to your Android Device. 1. How to Install APK on Android (Directly on Phone or PC to

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How to Install APK on Android Device: 2 Ways to Installing

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Free Android App Installer: How to Install APK Files on 2. Manually install the App from APK. Connect your Android to computer via USB cable, Tap the USB connection notification that shows on your Android screen. Choose Transfer File. Find the apk file that you wish to download from the computer, right-click on this apk file icon and click on “Send to“ > “Your device name“. Wait for complete. Open APK File - Install and Download Contents of APK File. APK stands for Android Packages and it contains every essential file for an android program. Check below for a list of folders and archives you can find in this format: META-INF/: It contains a list of resources in the archive, including the signature and the manifest. How to Install APK Files on Android Phone / Android TV Jan 16, 2020