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Malicious program like “LOVE BUG” created by a Filipino programmer. a. worm b. virus c. malware d. trojan. Uploaded by: JusticeRook3688 Let our 24/7 Computer Science tutors help you get unstuck! Ask your first question. 12 Greatest Programmers of all Time - Arkhitech A programmer is a person who can create and modify computer programs. No matter what type of programmer one may be, each and every contributes something to the society, no matter how trivial. Yet, there are those few who have contributed beyond what a single programmer usually does in an entire lifetime. These programmers are pioneers … Who is the father of the computer?

Unfortunately, this question makes as little sense as "What was the first computer?" One of the curators at the Computer History Museum once told me: "I can justify just about any computer as the 'first' computer as long as I am allowed to add a

Who is the father of the computer? 2018-1-24 · Later, he completed the Z3 in May 1941, the Z3 was a revolutionary computer for its time and is considered the first electromechanical and program-controlled computer. Finally, on July 12, 1950, Zuse completed and shipped the Z4 computer, which is considered to be the first commercial computer. Father of the personal computer List of films about computers - Wikipedia

2020-7-20 · The first removal of a computer virus is believed to have been performed by the aptly named Bernd Fix in 1987. Fix, a computer security expert and living embodiment of nominative determinism, is credited with the removal of the Vienna Virus from a PC. The Vienna Virus is still used throughout the world, and it infects uninfected files in a

2009-4-25 · Note that the size of P1 should be the same as the size of V1, but the size of P2 doesn't necessarily have to be the same size as V2. The virus first saves P1 and copies it to the either 1) the end of the file or 2) inside the code of the virus. Let's assume it copies the code to the end of the file. Computer virus - Wikipedia